As well as local outreach, Christ Church regularly supports a number of individuals (“Mission Partners”) and organisations (“Preferred Mission Organisations”) who advance the Gospel and help others both in the UK and abroad, see below for details.

Mission Partners

Tom & Joanna Appel and family, based near Caen, France, and working in conjunction with Greater Europe Mission (https://gemission.org/) and BlessNet (https://www.blessnet.org/). As well as general outreach, the Appels help run a church plant in Caen and work with SOS Chai, which assists refugees in the district.

Elizabeth Broomhall, a translation advisor with Wycliffe Bible Translators (https://www.wycliffe.org.uk/), previously based in Tanzania for many years, helping to translate the New Testament into the Bena language, and currently helping the Uganda team with their quarterly reports.

Bob & Mary Hopkins, based in Sheffield and working in UK and other Western European countries, co-leading Anglican Church planting initiatives in partnership with Fresh Expressions (https://freshexpressions.org.uk/).

Killy & J. John: Revd Canon J. John, a minister, speaker, broadcaster and writer, has been an evangelist for four decades and spoken in 69 countries, communicating the Christian faith in a practical way, assisted by his wife Killy and supported by colleagues at the Philo Trust (see the Preferred Mission Organisations section below).

Colin & Ikekie Meads, serving in the Near East, Europe & East Asia with Operation Mobilisation (https://www.om.org/en). Their work includes running marriage coaching courses for Christian leader couples in these parts of the world.

Theresa Wilson, working for Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea as a linguist/translator with the Seimat-speaking community and as the Literacy and Education Coordinator (https://www.wycliffe.org.uk/).

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Preferred Mission Organisations

ASCEND  (https://www.ascend.org.uk/) – tackling unemployment, social deprivation and learning disabilities in the local community.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (https://www.csw.org.uk/) – working across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to ensure that the right to freedom of religion or belief is upheld and protected.

Church Army (https://www.churcharmy.org/) – supporting and empowering those most in need in the UK and Ireland.

Church Mission Society (https://churchmissionsociety.org/) – a community of people from all walks of life who follow God’s call in mission.

Church Pastoral Aid Society (https://www.cpas.org.uk/) – working with leaders, local churches and dioceses in various ways to support mission and evangelism.

Church Urban Fund (https://cuf.org.uk/) –  working alongside other faiths and secular organisations to bring about positive change in communities, building partnerships with local people, groups, businesses and organisations.

(The) Educational Frontier Trust/Kisima School (https://www.teft.org.uk/) – a UK charity supporting education for marginalised and vulnerable communities in northern Kenya, particularly pastoralist communities.

Feba (https://www.feba.org.uk/) – working with partners and communities across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to transform lives using life-giving media.

Haggai International (https://www.haggai-international.org/) – equipping and inspiring strategically positioned leaders to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to prepare others to do the same.

Health & Hope (https://healthandhope.org/) – bringing hope and development to the poorest people in western Myanmar through primary healthcare, education and food security projects.

House of Grace, Chantaburi, Thailand (https://www.acet-uk.com/organisations/7150) – a home for children affected by HIV and AIDS where they receive education, physical and medical care, a Christian upbringing and preparation for adulthood.

JENGA (https://jengauganda.org) – Based in Mbale, Uganda. Building up people and their communities and together, alongside them, building lasting bridges out of poverty.

Kenyan Children’s Project (https://www.thekcp.org/) – advocating for children living on the streets, or trafficked, exploited, or living in abusive homes; and working to establish safe and successful routes for them to journey home.

Langham Partnership (https://uk.langham.org/) – walking with the global church to biblically equip leaders and pastors to multiply disciples.

London School of Theology (https://lst.ac.uk/) – serving the church of Jesus Christ worldwide, through the education of individuals, equipping of local churches, and engagement in leading research.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (https://www.maf-uk.org/) – flying light aircraft over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to enable aid, development and mission organisations to bring medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope to communities.

Moldova Ministries/Bethany Church, Ciocana, Chisinau (https://www.evangelical-times.org/21470/moldova-ministries/) – supporting social ministries in Moldova, particularly through Bethany Church in Ciocana, on the outskirts of the capital city of Chisinau.

New Hope (https://www.newhope.org.uk/) – walking alongside people – from street outreach to New Hope accommodation services to independent living – offering bespoke care with patience, compassion and kindness.

Onelife Leadership (https://www.onelifeleaders.com/) – raising up young leaders to shape every sphere of society.

Open Doors (https://www.opendoorsuk.org) – serving persecuted Christians Worldwide – Home.

Philo Trust (https://canonjjohn.com/) – supporting the work of Revd Canon J. John, a minister, speaker, broadcaster and writer, who has been an evangelist for four decades and spoken in 69 countries, communicating the Christian faith in a practical way.

Prison Fellowship (https://prisonfellowship.org.uk/) – showing Christ’s love to prisoners by coming alongside them and supporting them.

Scripture Union (https://content.scriptureunion.org.uk/) – inviting children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

Restore Hope Latimer (https://restorehopelatimer.org) – coming alongside children, families and young people facing challenging situations find hope for the future by growing in confidence in the skills and abilities they have to find renewed purpose and take their own steps to fulfill the incredible potential that they carry.

Tearfund (https://www.tearfund.org/) – partnering with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries to tackle poverty and injustice through sustainable development, by responding to disasters and challenging injustice.

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