Home Groups are a loving environment where we can grow spiritually, whether we have been a Christian for a short while, or for many years. They offer discipleship, Bible Study, prayer, fellowship, support, and encouragement.  And they are the place where it is often easiest to get to know people. Each group has a unique feel but they are all friendly, loving, and with some social times together.

We have groups spread across the Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Loudwater, Mill End, and Chalfont areas. They typically meet fortnightly and there is a mix of daytime and evening groups. We have an online group for parents with young families.

We believe that Home Groups have a vital role to play in how we grow spiritually as Christians. Our vision is to see the majority of the church family in a home group with as far as practicable a group suitable for everyone. So, if you are interested in joining a group, we would love to chat with you.

To find out more, please contact our Home Group Co-ordinators Terence and Robyn Russoff via the church office at office@cccw.org.uk

Some home groups may want to use a previous Sunday’s sermon as a basis for discussion:

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