Home Groups during the Coronavirus crisis

Home groups are vital to the life of Christ Church, enabling people to grow in their relationships with Christ and with each other through studying the Bible, fellowship, prayer and support.

And in these unprecedented times with the Coronavirus, our home groups are an even more important way of staying in touch and supporting each other. It is so essential that we are not alone. We are still a living church body.

And although we cannot meet together physically at present, we encourage all groups as far as possible to stay in touch with each other by phone, Whatsapp, email, social media, and even if you feel technically able, to make use of electronic meeting tools such as Zoom.

Do keep sharing prayer needs and praying for each other. Do continue to support each other, and as far as you are able, do so safely, providing any practical help needed. Do keep studying the Bible. There are many on-line study resources available, and you could study these independently for now and then discuss them either on Zoom (or other) calls, or later when we are able to meet again face to face.

If you have any queries about home groups or would like some study suggestions in these times, then please contact Terence Russoff. For advice on technology, please contact the church office.

Some home groups may want to use a previous Sunday’s sermon as a basis for discussion:

Questions for home group use