Generosity is a natural response when we encounter God’s love towards us.

We believe that a vital part of belonging is helping to build the kingdom of God through our sacrificial giving. Making a regular financial contribution to the work of the local church is not only biblical but a very practical way of standing shoulder to shoulder with the whole church and demonstrating your commitment and support.

Our Bank Details

Account name: Christ Church Chorleywood PCC

Sort code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00007771

Give regularly

This is a simple and easy way to give. If you would like to give by card please follow the link to setup a regular or one-off donation on ChurchSuite.

The best, most effective way of giving is to contact your bank and set up a monthly Standing Order through online banking or by contacting your bank.  Please also fill in the form above in order to let us know you are giving regularly and, if you are a taxpayer, to make a Gift Aid declaration.


The Lazarus Fund collects money to support specific projects.

In over 35 years it has raised over £180,000 to fund projects providing essential, life-saving healthcare, clean water, education and housing. It has helped in banishing starvation, saving lives and bringing hope to communities in many countries.

Our current Lazarus Box project is to help The Kenyan Children’s Project (KCP), an English registered charity, which partners with a registered Kenyan NGO, The Children’s Transformation Project – Kenya (CTP).

KCP and CTP were founded in 2005 to rescue and care for children living on the street or in destitute families in Kenya. A new ‘Family Hub’ has been built in Kakamega as a safe space to protect children and support them through their recovery from adverse childhood experiences, and also as a community base from which to have greater impact through local families and churches.

KCP has raised 98% of the build costs, and the current appeal is for the final 2%, which includes the main contractor’s final invoice and external rendering and painting.

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