A letter from the vicar (Friday 27th March):
Our new online ministry

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What are the children and youth up to?
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Children and Youth

Live streaming of all Sunday services (except midday)
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Christ Church still has many expenses to cover

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When you do your weekly food shopping, think also of others.
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There will be a short Contemplative Prayer Service on YouTube at 8:00 each evening Monday-Saturday.

Contemplative Prayer

There will a short reflection at 9:00 each morning Monday to Friday on our Facebook page. Or see all of them here.

All the Reflections

Our Pastoral Minister offers us a guide to looking after our mental health during uncertain times

Be Kind to Yourself

‘I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance inflict and pollute others and so cause their death as a result of my negligence. If God should wish to take me, he will surely find me and I have done what he has expected of me and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others. If my neighbour needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person but will go freely, as stated above. See, this is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God.’

Martin Luther, 1527, at a time when bubonic plague was rampaging across Germany with many fatalities

We take the safeguarding and care of children and vulnerable adults very seriously at Christ Church.

For more information see our Safeguarding page