The Team

David Hall: Vicar
David Hall
Terence Russoff: Non-Stipendiary Associate Minister
Terence Russoff
Non-Stipendiary Associate Minister
Anne Lovegrove: Non-Stipendiary Minister
Anne Lovegrove
Non-Stipendiary Minister
Onyx Adesakin: Church warden
Onyx Adesakin
Church warden
Mark Sullivan: Church warden
Mark Sullivan
Church warden
Kevin Shaw: Reader
Kevin Shaw
Tracy Brown: Pastoral Minister
Tracy Brown
Pastoral Minister
Laura Joiner: Assistant Pastoral Minister
Laura Joiner
Assistant Pastoral Minister
Christine Brannan: Assistant Pastoral Minister
Christine Brannan
Assistant Pastoral Minister
Josh Sutton: Youth Pastor
Josh Sutton
Youth Pastor
Tim Koh: Pastor for Worship and Young Adults
Tim Koh
Pastor for Worship and Young Adults
Brianna Holbrook: Consultant Children’s Pastor
Brianna Holbrook
Consultant Children’s Pastor
Sarah Wright: Finance Secretary and Buildings Manager
Sarah Wright
Finance Secretary and Buildings Manager
Nisha Manoharan: Governance and Operations Manager
Nisha Manoharan
Governance and Operations Manager
Cathy Lenton: Church Administrator
Cathy Lenton
Church Administrator
Bronwyn Rutter: Church Administrator
Bronwyn Rutter
Church Administrator
Sylvia Mann: Parish Safeguarding Officer
Sylvia Mann
Parish Safeguarding Officer
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