18 April 2021

Facing opposition and being different: Acts 22:30 – 23:22


Look briefly at the chapters before the reading for the day, chapters 19 to 22.

Question 1: How did Paul live out his faith?  What was the relationship with the churches he visited?

Question 2: Paul experienced much opposition to the gospel.  What forms does opposition take today – in this country?  Elsewhere?  How does this opposition affect you and your faith?

Question 3: How can you be more courageous for Christ?  Do you want to be?

Question 4: What can you learn from Paul’s testimony in chapter 22?

Question 5: Do you have the same zeal for Christ today as when you first became a Christian?  Does Easter still excite you?  (Remember that Paul had first seen Jesus on the road to Damascus over twenty years before.)