The Lazarus Box

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The Lazarus Box sits at the back of the church on a little pedestal. It collects money to support specific projects in developing countries.

In over 35 years it has raised over £150,000 to fund projects providing essential, life-saving healthcare, clean water, education and housing. It has helped in banishing starvation, saving lives and bringing hope to communities in many countries including Armenia, Burma, Burundi, Gaza/Israel, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nigeria, PNG, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

“To live more simply – so that others may simply live”

That’s the Lazarus Box vision! In other words, by deliberately cutting back on what we consume, the money we save as a consequence can be channelled via the Lazarus Box to support specific projects which bring long term potential benefits, encourage self-help and use local skills, labour and materials.

Where possible, we support those involved in a project through prayer and contact. Where we can, we also invite the blessing of the local Christian community.

The Current Project

The current project is in support of Kisima School in Kenya, with whom we have ongoing links. We aim to raise £2,750 towards the cost of a much-needed refurbishment of the dining room at the school.

If you would like more information about the Lazarus Box or would like to suggest a project, then please contact the Mission Action group through the office, or speak directly with one of the group: Julie Dickins, Brian Donnelly, Andy Farr, Duncan Kerr and Sylvia Mann