David Hall


Contact: david.hall@cccw.org.uk

Terence Russoff


Contact: terence.russoff@cccw.org.uk

Anne Lovegrove

Non-Stipendiary Minister

Contact: annelovegrove1@gmail.com

Tracy Brown

Pastoral Minister

Contact: tracy.brown@cccw.org.uk

Laura Joiner

Pastoral Assistant

Contact: laura.joiner@cccw.org.uk

Geoff Roberts

Church Warden

Contact: g.m.roberts@btinternet.com

Onyx Adesakin

Church Warden

Contact: Onyx.Adesakin@cccw.org.uk

Sylvia Mann

Parish Safeguarding Officer
and Assistant Warden

Contact: grovewood.25@btinternet.com

Brianna Ricciardo

Children’s Minister

Contact: brianna.ricciardo@cccw.org.uk

Alistair Bassett

Assistant Children’s Minister

Contact: alistair.bassett@cccw.org.uk

Ben Holbrook

Worship and Youth (14-18’s) Minister

Contact: ben.holbrook@cccw.org.uk

Adam Tomkinson-Davies

Assistant Youth and Worship Minister

Contact: adam.tomkinson-davies@cccw.org.uk

Josh Pile

Youth Ministry Trainee

Contact: josh.pile@cccw.org.uk

Sarah Wright

Church Administrator

Contact: sarah.wright@cccw.org.uk

Tarja Kesanto

Facilities Manager

Contact: tarja.kesanto@cccw.org.uk

Cathy Lenton

Church Administrator

Contact: cathy.lenton@cccw.org.uk

David Cansdale


Kevin Shaw


Geoff Marshall-Taylor