Donating to the church


Can you spare a little?

We aren’t passing collection bags around on Sundays any more but you can still make donations to the church.


Christ Church depends on the giving of the fellowship here to support all our activities which, as you can see from our website and Facebook pages, we are working hard to sustain.  Although a small amount is usually raised by for example hiring out rooms – and that, of course has had to stop – the only real funds to meet our costs are your donations – there are no grants from charities, government or elsewhere, other than reclaimable tax on gifts through Gift Aid.   Before using any income, a proportion is put aside to give to Christian mission outside our parish; currently this is 17% of gifts.

Although volunteers contribute substantially to running Christ Church, there still remains a considerable amount that is done by paid staff – ordained and lay ministers, and administrators.  These costs use about 30% of our income.  A further 34% is sent to the diocese as our ‘Parish Share’ to help support poorer churches, clergy training and other concerns of the diocese.

The remaining expenses that have to be met are largely what you’d expect of a building with an office: things like gas, electricity, insurance, maintenance, phone and internet accounts etc etc.

Detailed reports on income and expenditure are published annually at our APCM and will be available on our website shortly. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask Mark Sullivan, our treasurer, or our churchwardens Onyx Adesakin or Geoff Roberts.