How should we respond to what is happening?

From the vicar

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19 March

Christ Church is encouraging people to think about three dimensions to their response.


People have basic and important needs.  Let’s work closely with all relevant agencies to ensure these needs are met. Here are a few organisations doing wonderful work locally at this time:

Chorleywood Coronavirus Support Group – for assistance with practical issues relating to the current situation

Samaritans – emotional support for those in distress

NHS website – a good source of health advice

Neighbourhood Watch – for information on local crime matters  (Online Watch Link) or


We all know friends and neighbours who live alone or are vulnerable through age or health challenges.   While being mindful of the need to protect everyone, let’s reach out to those around us as best we can, even if it is just to express a kindly concern for their wellbeing.


On weekdays at 9.00am, from this Monday, we plan to live stream a brief reading, meditation and prayer from Christ Church, to encourage each other as we start the day.  Why not join us?

Everyone has worries or concerns, and the current situation may well have made those things worse.  Why not ask others if they would like us to remember them in our prayers?  People are very rarely offended by such an offer. Our Prayer line is also open – for confidential prayer for any matter, just send a message to:

This is also a personal spiritual opportunity.  We are forced to stop and re-evaluate our priorities.  Fill the vacuum created by the loss of the normal activity of life with good not bad things. Suddenly, we cannot attend Sunday sport; why not reconnect with your parish church via live streaming?  What about that Christian book you’ve always meant to read?  Now’s the time!

While our daily commute may have squeezed out any form of morning bible reading and prayer, why not use the time you have back to start your day with a spiritual breakfast?  Begin by reading the New Testament, perhaps starting with Matthew’s gospel.  It’s all online.  After you’ve read the story, think about the one thing which challenged and inspired you from it.  Try a short prayer time using this suggested structure: ACTS – Adoration – all the wonderful things about God, starting with creation; Confession – our sorrow for our wrongdoing, Thanksgiving – our gratitude for God’s blessings, Supplication – an old-fashioned word covering our needs and requests for ourselves and others.

Now live life to the full within the power of God, showing kindness to others and looking for him to reveal himself to you in a new way through the power of the Holy Spirit.  In James 4 v8 we read: “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you…”  As God changes your life, share the things you are learning with others. Even in a lockdown, we could be starting an exciting journey…

David Hall