Chorleywood 4 Ukraine

Ukraine has become a country that everyone is talking about. It is hard to watch the destruction and loss of life, but it is easy for us to walk away from the TV or Radio and carry on with life. Not so for many Ukrainians.

The situation has become urgent. By Tuesday 22nd March it was estimated that 3.5 million people had left the country and a further 6.5 million had been displaced within its borders, waiting to see if they will need to leave as well. So far, the burden has been borne by countries such as Poland and Moldova who are now struggling to cope with the influx. The UN believes that 95% have left their homes since the start of the war, mostly taking very little with them. If ever there was a time for us to act in a practical way it is now.

A core co-ordination group sat down to consider our response and we spoke at all the Sunday Services on 20th March, requesting help. Help can come in so many ways; from offering English conversation practise, to helping identify job opportunities; from opening your home to a refugee, to inviting their kids to play with yours; from helping someone to fill in a form, to introducing them to the local GP practice. If you drive or make coffee, you could help too.

We are currently gathering information to be better informed. We are developing links to local refugee organisations, public authorities and representatives, other Churches and UK-wide bodies more experienced in these matters.

The government has launched a scheme called Homes for Ukraine. Inviting a refugee to live in your home might be right for a few people but it is certainly not for everyone. However, the support network that each of these homes will need is huge. Showing the love of God to refugees in practical ways is something so many of us could play a small part in.

If you are willing to help, it would be wonderful to hear from you, even if your time and resources are limited. Just complete this simple form and ask to be added to the growing list of the willing.

If you sign up, we will keep you informed by sending briefing materials and details of local meetings. The first of these meetings will take place on Thursday 31st March at 8pm.