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Here are sermons preached before the pandemic hit

10.30am 15th March 2020
John 11, Jacob Harrison

Resurrection Life

What hope do we have as we face the Corona Virus crisis?

10:30am 1st March 2020
John 10:1-21, David Hall

The Good Shepherd

The one who keeps us safe from the forces of darkness, who died for us, and who calls us to follow him through the door to life

10:30am 8th March 2020
John 10:22-42, David Hall

Opposition to Jesus

The judgement and mercy of God as seen in Jesus Christ

10:30am 23rd February 2020
Acts 15:1-16:5, Phil Chadder

Division and Unity

What is the effect of division and unity within the church family?

10:30am 16th February 2020
Acts 14:1-20, Terence Russoff

Handling power well

We have more power and influence than we think … but are we using our power to advance or to hinder the Kingdom of God?

10:30am 9th February 2020
Acts 13:44-52, David Hall

Who will accept the truth?

Some people rejected Paul’s message. Others rejoiced at the good news and spread it around. We continue to share the truth with the world.

6:30pm 2nd February 2020
Luke 18:9-17, David Hall

Difficulty in praying?

The tax collector didn’t even lift up his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’ He went home justified.

10:30am 2nd February 2020
Acts 13:13-43, Anne Lovegrove


Knowing salvation through Jesus Christ.

10:30am 26th January 2020
John 21:1-14, David Hall

Fishing with Jesus

Peter catches nothing and has an uncomfortable encounter with the risen Lord; he sees God’s unusual blessing and takes his place at the feast.

10:30am 19th January 2020
Philippians 1:27-2:11, Terence Russoff

How to be good citizens

We have dual nationality. We are citizens of this world and heaven. That means making heaven’s core values – humble service – our second nature

10:30am 12th January 2020
Matthew 20:20-28, David Hall

Called to Serve

Are we going to lord it over others, or is Christ going to be Lord over us, so we can be like him who came to serve and give his life for us?

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