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About Christ Church tells you what kind of church we are; there is another brief section on what we believe – the core message of the gospel.

Meet the Staff Team has the names, roles, pictures and email addresses of clergy, other staff and churchwardens.

Sunday Services outlines what you could expect to find in each of four regular services. Something for everyone.

Parish Visiting is what we do three times a year. We go round part of the parish, knock on doors and invite people to seasonal services.

Visit Baptism of Infants if you want to explore the possibility of having your child baptised

Visit Weddings if you are thinking about the possibility of getting married in Christ Church

The Original Building gives you a description of the original fabric and furnishings of the building, including a tour, and a bit of history (just a little bit).

The Junction is the newer part of our building. You can have a virtual tour of it. You can book a room through this page.