A Personal Faith

God is the loving ruler of the world and he made us to live in a special relationship with him. Everyone has rebelled against God, the one who created us. All of us have tried and failed to run our own lives, and our world, by ourselves. If we continue in our rebellion against God, he will exclude us from relationship with him now and forever.

Because of his love for us, God, the Father, sent Jesus, his Son, into the world so that we don’t have to suffer the consequences of our rebellion. Jesus died on the cross and was cut off from his Father in our place. He rose from the dead to show that he had paid the full penalty for our rebellion.

As a result of Jesus’ death, God offers us a new start in our relationship with him. We can continue to reject him or we can let God into our lives and receive his Holy Spirit. This leads to forgiveness of all our sins and a new start in our relationship with God as our Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit and under the Lordship of Christ, obedient to his will as revealed in the Bible.

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. . . . in a lively, forward-looking evangelical church

We are committed to sound Bible teaching, to the empowering work of the Holy Spirit, to engaging with God in worship, and to building up relationships with God, and with one another. We want to equip people to serve God every day, not just on Sunday.

We have a large congregation which, until the coronavirus crisis, was spread across four services on Sundays, with several different programmes for children and young people. Now, we are making use of all the technology at our disposal to keep in touch with them, with our parish, and the world. We welcome the many opportunities we have for reaching out into the community with the love of God. Our Mission Statement: God’s Love: Know it; Show it; Share it; Declare it.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a loving Church family which makes Christ known, is committed to growing in its discipleship of Christ, and longs to see lives and our local community transformed through the power of the Gospel message and the work of the Holy Spirit.