Gather & Send

If you are aged 18 to 30 then Gather and Send is for you!

Our meetings:

This term we are working through Discipleship Explored. This involves watching a short video, reading a Bible passage from Philippians and then logging onto Zoom for a Bible study.

Each month we follow this meeting pattern:

  • 1st Monday – Discipleship Explored Online
  • 2nd Monday – No Meeting (instead, do join us for the Church Prayer Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • 3rd Monday – Discipleship Explored Online
  • 4th & 5th Mondays – Socials: a government guideline compliant social evening where we meet in pairs or small groups in our homes or at the pub. Each week we plan according to the latest government guidance and advice.

To find out more about our meetings email Jacob at: who can add you to the WhatsApp group, through which we are supporting one another during this time of isolation.

Discipleship Explored Online (1st and 3rd Mondays) will probably run to this timetable:

  • 21st Sept: Session 1
  • 5th Oct: Session 2
  • 19th Oct: Session 3
  • 2nd Nov: Session 4
  • 16th Nov: Session 5
  • 7th Dec: Session 6
  • 21st Dec & 4th Jan: probably not meeting on these dates
  • 18th Jan: Session 7
  • 1st Feb: Session 8

Watch the trailer for Discipleship Explored