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10:30pm 1st December 2019

“The birth of Jesus foretold”, Matthew 1 v18-25, Graham Naylor-Smith

6:30pm 24th November 2019

“Same sex relationships – a pastor’s response”, David Hall

10:30am 17th November 2019

“The glory of God or the glory of Solomon?”, 2 Chronicles 9 v1-19, Terence Russoff

10:30am 11th November 2019

“God, our mighty fortress”, Psalm 46,  David Hall

10:30am 3rd November 2019

“Promises of blessing and judgement”, 2 Chronicles C7 V11-22, David Hall

10:30am 27th October 2019

“Rejoicing,”, 2 Chronicles C6 v40 – C7 v10, Anne Lovegrove

10:30am 20th October 2019

“Praying for forgiveness”, 2 Chronicles 6 v12-39, Jacob Harrison

10:30am 13th October 2019

“The Glory of God”, 2 Chronicles 5 v1-14, David Hall

06:30pm 6th October 2019

HARVEST, John 6 v1-13, David Hall

08:30am 6th October 2019

HARVEST, John 6 v1-13, Anne Lovegrove

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